• SAFETY is the #1  Priority.
  • Age Group 13+, Under 18 must be accompanied by an adult.  A parent / guardian must sign the waiver.  Everyone signs a waiver. 
  • 60 minutes to solve all puzzles & escape through the exit door.
  • Everything you need to solve the room will be provided. 
  • Please be courteous to the host and the other players.
  • ABSOLUTELY NO CLIMBING, RUNNING or JUMPING.  Puzzle items are all within reach.
  • DO NOT BREAK ITEMS.  Some things may not open as easily as you would like.  Force is not the answer.
  • Anything marked "NO TOUCH" is not a clue or part of the experience.  Don't waste time on it.
  • NO alcohol or drugs.  NO smoking or vaping.
  • NO horseplay, rough housing or fighting.  NO foul language or insults of any kind.
  • NO food or drink inside the room.
  • YES, we do allow phones.  However,  NO pictures / videos inside the room please.
  • NO extra people.  NO animals (Exception for Service Animals).
  • NO tools, weapons or anything that could jeopardize the safety or fun of yourself or others.
  • Bring a positive attitude and your thinking cap.  Have Fun!!!

    W A I D O W N L O A DV E R